Rental History

At least two years of rental history will be required and verified. Any person with a past eviction is a cause for denial of the rental application

Employment and Income Verification

All applicants must have at least three times the rental amount as income, no exceptions. All sources of income that can be verified will be considered. In some cases, property owners will accept less but this is on a case to case scenario. 

Criminal and Background

We do an extensive criminal background checks. NO MAJOR felonies will be accepted. In some cases, if the community is located within an HOA, you must first apply with them directly and then do our application. We look at all applicants on a base to base scenario. We do hold the right to higher security deposit. We abide by all housing laws.

Our Process

There is a $65.00 application fee per adult on the lease, that is anyone over the age of 18. Some properties do accept pets, there is a non-refundable fee of $350.00 per pet.  Upon lease signing, there is a $150.00 administrative fee, this is non-refundable. You can apply online at any time.  

Current Tenants

Pay your rent online.